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Kindergarten Resources

Classroom Management 1
Kindergarten Classroom Management Tips for Positive Consequences : Early Education

Kindergarten classroom management tips for positive consequences can help curb things like selfish behavior in kids. Find out about great kindergarten classroom management tips for positive consequences with help from an experienced educator in this free video clip.

The Worksheet Dilemma

In many preschools, child care centers, and kindergartens, young children spend their time on worksheet paper and pencil tasks. Teachers who use worksheets believe they are demonstrating children's learning progress to parents. Unfortunately  worksheet activities are not developmentally appropriate and can cause many problems.

Teaching Without Worksheets

A new “code name” for worksheets is “morning work.” What a child really needs in the morning is a warm greeting from the teacher and interaction with peers!

Tips For Teaching Without Worksheets

Moving away from using worksheets and towards more hands-on experiences can be overwhelming when you have 20+ students in your class or you’ve never experienced teaching without them. Try the following three tips to help you on your way.

High Quality Kindergarten Today

Rutgers University Education Professor, Emerita, Dorothy Strickland talks about developmentally appropriate teaching practices for use with young children.

High Quality Kindergarten Today - Classroom Environment

The Classroom Environment, shows the best materials and center-based set up to use.

High Quality Kindergarten Today - Classroom Schedule

The Classroom Schedule, talks about how the various components of a typical Kindergarten day may be organized.

Using Your Voice
Effective ways to use a powerful tool: your voice. The volume, pitch, tone and rate of your speech can be used in child and youth based programs to change behaviors. We provide online and live training programs that qualify for CEU's in most certification programs.
Teacher Tone in Teaching

Blogger Clara Galan discusses how vocal tone can have a huge impact on student engagement.  Learn some tips on how to engage your class.

Art Projects

Finger painting, glue sticks, googly eyeballs, and glitter. It’s no mystery why kindergarteners love art projects so much. If you’re going through art project after project, consider adding a few new ones to your repertoire. Below are 20 of the best kindergarten art projects. No glitter required!

A Day In the Life of a Kindergarten Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher Elizabeth, gives us a peek into a normal day at Uplift Peak Preparatory.
Using Songs for Transitions in Kindergarten

In this video you will see clips of Ms. Vay's kindergarten class where she uses a variety of songs to transition from one activity to another.

Kindergarten Math Lesson - The Counting Jar

This is a math video lesson to help you with new math, math tricks, and or simple math questions you may have. Follow several weeks of teaching basic mathematics to kindergarten students using an interactive activity called The Counting Jar. In this clip the kindergarten teacher also discusses how activities such as The Counting Jar have helped provide her kindergarten students with hands on active lessons that are developmentally appropriate and motivating.

Numeracy Learning in Kindergarten

The purpose of this professional learning is for teachers to view and reflect on an example of how one teacher engages children in numeracy learning in kindergarten. Further resources are available at

Amazing Kindergarten Writing

Watch in amazement as Andrea Schindler's inner city, San Bernardino, California kindergarteners demonstrate all the steps necessary for them to produce five paragraph, college style essays. You'll learn about college talk, baby talk, mirror words, air punctuation, the because clapper and the astonishing powers of the Triple Whammy sentence. For more information and to access 100s of pages of free downloads go to


How To Calm Young Children

Use this easy technique to relax and calm a group of children and prepare them to learn!