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Our democratic form of government and our way of life depend upon how well the public schools educate our students and train them for responsible citizenship.  This is the purpose for which the system of free public schools exists.


Inherent in our philosophy of life in the United States is the belief that all members of society shall lead productive lives.  As such, education, either directly or indirectly, is geared to this goal.  Because our heritage has developed the idea that work is an integral part of our lives, education strives to implement this idea so that our way of life will be perpetuated through individual success.


The basic foundation of our educational system rests in the principles set forth in our country's and our state’s consti­tutions; there­fore, our function in the Tannehill Public Schools is to provide the opportunity for each student to develop the skills and attitudes which will promote these ideals.  To achieve this end, the school will attempt to foster adequate emotional stability, intellectual understanding, physical development, and social competence.


The school will take its place beside the home and the church in helping each child establish standards by which he or she may live and develop those qualities and attitudes that will enrich and strengthen his or her life.