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A school district elector, qualified to vote in any school dis­trict election, is any person who is registered with the county election board within the school district.  A candidate for a board of education vacancy must have been a resi­dent of, and a registered voter of, the school district and the election district (or ward) for at least six months immedi­ately preceding the filing period.  No person can file for school board election unless the person has been awarded a high school diploma or a certificate of high school equivalency.  A person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor involving embezzlement or of a felony or who has entered a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to such crime shall not be eligible to be a candidate for or to be elected to a school board position for a period of 15 years following completion of the sentence or during the pendency of an appeal.


No person can be a candidate for or serve as a board member if the person is currently employed by this school district or is related within the second degree by affinity or consanguinity to any other member of the board or to an employee of this school district.


If the relationship is based on affinity (marriage), then those members of the board who are serving on September 1, 1995, may complete the term for which they were elected and any successive terms for which they may be elected unless it is the member's spouse who is a member of the board of education or an employee of the school district.  In which case, the prohibition against employment or serving as a school board member will apply.  The board member may not participate in any regular or executive session of the board held to consider any personnel matter or litigation relating to said relative except that the board member may vote on collective bargaining agreements for the renewal of contracts as a group if the vote is neces­sary to establish a quorum.





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