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The board of education has established the following duties for the clerk of the board of education:


   1.       It shall be the duty of the clerk of the board of education to attend all meetings of the board and to countersign all warrants for school moneys drawn upon the treasurer by the board; and perform such other duties as the board may direct.


   2.       The clerk shall, in addition to performing the duties specifi­cally imposed upon him/her by the school code, cooperate with the superintendent of schools, the board treasurer, the minutes clerk, and the encumbrance clerk in the management of the business affairs of the school.


   3.       The clerk shall attest, in writing, the execution of all deeds, contracts, reports, and other instruments that are to be executed by the board of education.


   4.       The clerk shall furnish, whenever requested, any and all reports concerning the school affairs, on such forms and in such manner as the State Board of Education or the Superintendent of Public Instruction may require.


   5.       The clerk is authorized to destroy all claims, warrants, contracts, purchase orders and any other financial records, or documents, including those relating to school activity funds, on file or stored in the offices of the board of education of such district for a period of longer than five (5) years.


   6.       Performs such other duties as are required by the board of education.





REFERENCE:    70 O.S. §5-119, §5-122