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The board of education has combined the positions of minutes clerk and encumbrance clerk and has established the following duties for the minutes/encumbrance clerk:


   1.       Attend all meetings of the board and keep an accurate journal of the proceedings thereof;


   2.       List the approved encumbrances in the minutes of the board meetings;


   3.       Furnish requesting newspapers in the county with copies of tentative minutes;


   4.       Keep all books and documents of this school district;


   5.       Enter the authorized amounts of appropriations in the various appropriations accounts;


   6.       Charge the appropriate appropriation accounts and credit the affected encumbrances outstanding accounts with approved encumbrances after determining that the encumbrances do not exceed the balance of the appropriation charged;


   7.       Receive certification from the proper district employee that services or merchandise billed to the district have been received, file bills and invoices in official records, debit encumbrances outstanding account and credit the accounts payable account for the amounts of the approved bills.


   8.       Pay approved bills by issuing warrants against the designated funds, charging the warrants against the ap­pro­priate accounts payable account and crediting to the appropriate warrants issued account, or, by notifying the board treasurer that the bills are approved for payment in lieu of issuing warrants so that the treasurer can record payments by check, wire transfer, direct payroll deposit or other disbursement through the Federal Reserve System.


   9.       Receive all warrants, certificates of indebtedness, or bonds from the treasurer after the treasurer has registered the warrants in numerical order.


10.       Perform such other duties as directed by the board of education.


The minutes/encumbrance clerk will post a surety bond in the amount of $1,000.00 before discharging any duties as minutes/encumbrance clerk.



REFERENCE:    70 O.S. §5-119


NOTE:                  The minutes and encumbrance clerk cannot be a member of the board of education.  Superin­tendents, principals, treasurer, assistant treasurer, instructors, and teachers employed by the board may not serve as the encumbrance clerk, except that a treasurer or assistant treasurer may serve as a minutes clerk.

NOTE:                  School boards may elect to employ one person to act as both encumbrance and minutes clerk.  In that case, this policy may be adopted in lieu of BD-R2 and BD-R3.