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It is the policy of the Tannehill  Board of Education that, upon the recommendation of the administrator, the board will adopt general and personnel policies to serve as a basis for the administration of the school and as a guide to the adminis­tra­tor and other employees in conducting their respective duties.  The policies will be in published form and avail­able to employees, patrons, and the Department of Education.  School board policies will be updated annually.


In cases where action must be taken involving the operation of the school district and where no guidelines have been established by board of education policy, the superintendent will have the authority to act.  In such cases, the superin­tendent shall use his/her own best judgment based on what he/she believes the policy would be if it existed.  Such emergency policy decisions will be reported to the president as soon as practical and to the board of education at its next meeting.  The board will then determine whether a permanent policy should be established.





REFERENCE:    Department of Education, Administrator's Handbook