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The superintendent of the Tannehill  Public Schools shall be employed for a term specified by this board and will be employed on a twelve-month basis, with vacation time to be agreed upon.  The salary of the superintendent, including all fringe benefits, if any, will be determined prior to the execution of an employment contract and shall be stated therein. 


It is the policy of this board to consider the issuance of the superintendent's contract each year to insure continuity and stability in the office.  The renewal of the contract shall be considered in January each year, or at some other date as determined by the board.  In its discretion, the board may contract with the superintendent for a term as mutually agreed upon but not to exceed three years beyond the fiscal year in which the contract is approved by the board and accepted by the superintendent.


Prior to considering the superintendent's contract for renewal, the board shall complete and present to the superintendent an evaluation form pertaining to the superintendent's performance.


The superintendent's employment contract shall include terms and conditions as agreed upon in writing by the board and the superintendent and will be filed by the superintendent with the State Department of Education within 15 days after it is signed.  The board may not pay any salary, benefits, or other compensation not specified in the con­tract on file and may not pay any amounts for accumulated sick leave or vacation leave benefits not calculated on the same formula used for determining payments for such benefits for other full-time employees of the district.





REFERENCE:    70 O.S. §5-106

                                70 O.S. §5-141