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A grant offer and acceptance constitutes a contractual agreement between the grantor (funding source) and the grantee (teacher, school, department, or district). This agreement should not be entered into without appropriate approval.


Applicants must obtain approval from the Superintendent prior to submitting a grant proposal or application to any funding source.  To ensure that each proposal from the school district represents the highest quality possible, the final draft of each grant application will be reviewed by the Superintendent or designee.  Proposals requiring approval or signature of the Board of Education must be submitted a minimum of three days prior to a board meeting.





Upon receipt of a notice of grant award or rejection from the funding agency, the applicant will send a copy to the Superintendent.  Applicants are also encouraged to send a thank you letter to the funding source even if funding is not awarded during this grant cycle.


If the grant is awarded, the superintendent or designee will meet with the applicant to establish a grant budget.  Grant funds cannot be expended until a budget has been established.  Grant recipients will adhere to all fiscal and programmatic reporting requirements imposed by the funding source.


The superintendent will establish and maintain the official files for all grant awards.  Files must be kept for five years after the conclusion of the grant.


After the Board of Education accepts grant funding from governmental agencies, private companies, organizations, and foundations for various educational programs or projects, the funds will be budgeted for each program or project according to the amount and regulations of the grant awarded.


This district will have internal control systems to provide reasonable assurance that it is managing federal financial assistance programs in compliance with applicable laws and regulations as directed by the State Department of Education.  Methods and procedures will be in place to minimize the time elapsed between the transfer of funds from the State and the disbursement of these funds by the district.


Whenever possible the superintendent will provide a formal request for quotes or accept bids for goods or services that will be purchased with the grant funds.  Goods and services received in consideration for grant funds will be monitored and careful consideration will be provided as to the quality of the goods received and/or the performance of services rendered prior to the district entering into future contracts for goods and services. 


The district will maintain financial records of all expenditures made from the grant funds and such records will be available for inspection and will be deemed to be public records. These records, whenever practicable, shall be collected, transmitted and stored electronically.


Legal Reference:         2 C.F.R. 200.302