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The Tannehill  Board of Education assumes responsibility, within its financial capabilities, for providing at public expense all items of equipment, supplies, and services that may be required in the interest of education in the school units under its jurisdiction.  Gifts, donations, grants, or bequests will be accepted and the action recorded, provided the conditions of ac­ceptance do not remove any degree of control of the school district from the board and will not cause inequitable treatment of any student(s) or student group(s).


A gift shall be defined as money, real or personal property, and personal services provided without consideration.  Gifts from organizations, community groups, and/or individuals that will benefit the district shall be encouraged by district administration.  Individuals or groups contemplating presenting a gift to a school or the district shall be encouraged to discuss, in advance, with the building principal or the superintendent what gifts are appropriate and needed.


Community groups or individuals may donate equipment to the district.  Such equipment shall be added to the dis­trict’s inventory, provided it is operative at the time of donation and meets an educational purpose of the district.


The district reserves the right to accept or decline any proposed gifts.  In determining whether a gift will be accepted, consideration shall be given to district policies, goals, and objectives (with particular emphasis on the goal of provid­ing equal educational opportunities to all students) and adherence to the basic principles outlined in board-approved regulations (see CDC-R1).


Propositions giving funds, equipment, or materials to the school with a "matching agreement" or restriction are generally not acceptable.  Acceptance of donated equipment or materials may depend upon the compliance with the board's policy of standardizing materials and equipment in the district which could restrict gifts purchased by parent-teacher organizations to individual schools.  The acceptance of a gift for a particular school, however, indicates the board's approval of the use the benefactor specified.


Any person or organization desiring to give a gift or make a donation, grant, or bequest to the board should contact the super­intendent who may accept the gift, thank the donors, and inform the board, except that offers of real property will be accepted only by the board.  Also, where the appropriateness of a gift is in doubt, the superintendent will refer the matter to the board for its acceptance or rejection.  For example, single gifts of considerable value exhibiting the donor's name or business shall be considered on an individual basis by the board.


Provided, all conditional gifts must be approved by the board.


Any gift or grant accepted by the board or the superintendent as its executive officer shall become the property of the board of education and will comply with all state and federal laws.





REFERENCE:    Title IX, Education Amendment of 1972, 20 U.S.C. §1681, et seq.

                                70 O.S. §5-117