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It is the policy of the Tannehill  Board of Education that the superintendent of schools shall work with the school auditor and the board in the preparation of both a financial estimate and the annual budget, and to publish these docu­ments, as well as any other necessary publications as required by law.  The superintendent or designee shall report to the board monthly on the status of the budget.


The superintendent shall make to the board such fiscal recommen­dations as deemed necessary and shall furnish to the board all information pertaining thereto.


After recommendations made by the superintendent have been con­sidered by the board, the board shall adopt those recommendations which it deems advisable.


Minor purchases may be made by school employees and charged to the school, provided such purchases are pre­viously approved by the superintendent or made in accordance with procedures established by the superintendent.


The superintendent shall cause to be prepared all claims against the school district for consideration by the board.  The super­intendent shall furnish explanations of such claims.


When claims are approved by the board for payment, the board encumbrance clerk shall issue warrants in payment with the school district treasurer.  The clerk shall insure that a record of such warrants is made in the school district warrant register, and that the warrants are distributed to the proper creditors.


Should school personnel receive a report that an issued warrant or check has been lost or destroyed, a second or duplicate may be issued.  The school district cannot legally issue a second or duplicate warrant or check until such time as the school district has stopped payment on the initial document or the district has received an affidavit from the payee as to the facts concerning the loss or destruction of the original document.


The superintendent shall make such financial reports as may be required by the State Department of Education and such other financial reports as the board may require.  The superintendent shall present to the board in July a finan­cial statement reflect­ing the fiscal condition of the district as of the close of the previous fiscal year and an itemized state­ment of estimated needs and the probable income including ad valorem tax for the current fiscal year.  These financial statements and estimates shall be published in one issue of a newspaper of general circulation in this area and shall be filed with the county excise board on or before September 1 of each year.





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