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Booster clubs and parent organizations are encouraged to promote a positive relationship between the school and the community.  The primary purpose of these organizations is to assist and support the school in recognizing and pro­moting students’ activities.  The principal is responsible for maintaining close communication with such organizations to ensure the organizations’ goals are in compliance with district policies.  After receiving the superintendent’s rec­ommendation, the following criteria will be used in determining if an organization will be recognized (sanctioned) by the Tannehill Board of Education as a viable booster club or parent organization.


   1.       The organization must be managed or operated by adults, rather than students, and will present its by-laws and/or constitution to the board of education.  These will clearly identify the organization as a parent organiza­tion or booster club separate from school district student organizations and will provide details of the structure of the organization including:


             A.   Officers and their duties;


             B.   Election of officers and term limits;


             C.   Purpose and goals;


             D.   Dues structure, if any;


             E.   Intended use of funds generated by the organization.


   2.       The organization must include one representative from the school faculty as a sponsor.


   3.       No fund raising activities will be conducted within the school by the organization during school hours and students will not participate during regular class periods.


   4.       The organization may not use school materials in advertising its activities.  Use of school property by the organization for its activities will meet all regulations established by the board.  (See policy GK.)


   5.       All funds raised by the organization will be used to achieve the stated purposes and goals of the organization.  No administrative fees or stipends to officers or others will be permitted.


   6.       The organization must maintain bank, financial, and tax exempt status separate from the school.  The organi­zation will provide to the board of education, annually or upon request, a complete set of financial records or detailed treasurer’s report.


   7.       Any plan, project, or movement instituted to expand, modernize, renovate, or render maintenance to school-controlled and/or owned properties, or provide academic achievement awards and other educational recog­nition to students or student bodies will be presented to the board of education in official session for its consideration, comment, evaluation, approval, and sponsorship.  This must be done before any public announcement is made.









   8.       In no manner will board sanctioning of an organization preclude the organization from compliance with state and federal laws as they pertain to equal opportunity and treatment of all students.  Gifts or services provided to the school should benefit both boys’ and girls’ activities.


   9.       The board of education reserves the right to revoke the sanctioning of any organization if it is found that the organization’s operations and purpose are not consistent with the policies and procedures adopted by the board of education.





REFERENCE:    70 O.S. §5-129.1

                                Title IX, Education Amendment of 1972, 20 U.S.C. §1681, et seq.