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It is the policy of the Tannehill  Board of Education that purchasing and distribution shall be under the supervision of the super­intendent but may be delegated in writing by the superintendent to a principal or teacher.  Written dele­gations of authority should contain specific limitations imposed by the board or superintendent upon the designee or may provide a complete delegation of purchasing and distribution duties.  No person except the superintendent or the superintend­ent's designee shall make purchases without written authorization.  Such purchases shall be limited to those in the amount of $1,000 or less.


The superintendent should take advantage of discounts for buying in quantity and, if possible, purchase in sufficient quantities for one full school term.  Requisitions for supplies shall follow the appropriate chain of command origi­nating from teachers, through the principal, to the super­intendent.  Purchases shall be made from local firms when economically wise to do so. 


No expenditure shall be made except in accordance with a written contract or purchase order.





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