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Certain school-owned equipment, furniture, and other personal property may be declared surplus by the Tannehill  Board of Education and disposed of by public sale or discarded if determined to be of no value.


Computers declared as surplus property may contain such information as social security numbers, staff/student identi­fication numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, medical records, photographs, addresses, telephone numbers, student records, and other information that should not be released to the public.  The district has an obligation to ensure that all school information has been deleted from surplus computers’ files and hardware.  Spe­cialized software will be used to ensure the complete deletion of information from surplus computers prior to their sale or disposal.


Surplus personal property that has a saleable value shall be sold by sealed bid or public auction.  As the Oklahoma Constitution clearly prohibits gifts with public funds, the school district must receive reasonable compensation in exchange for any surplus personal property.  School board members and relatives of school board members within the second degree are prohibited from purchasing property from the school.





REFERENCE:    70 O.S. §5-117(A) (11)

                                Oklahoma Constitution, Article 10, Section 15