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The Tannehill  Board of Education has appointed a committee composed of the superintendent, each building prin­cipal, the director of maintenance, and other designated personnel for the purpose of developing and maintaining the district emergency plans.  A Crisis Plan will be developed by local officials and the Safe School Committee that will ensure an established set of directives to guide the actions of those involved and responsible for the safety of students and property.  Special drill activities related to fire safety and other emergencies will be planned and implemented by each principal, in association with the superintendent, director of maintenance, the fire marshal, or other civil authori­ties, to ensure orderly movement and placement of students to the safest available space(s) should an emergency occur, including, but not limited to, the following:


   1.       Severe weather

   2.       Fire

   3.       Flood

   4.       Terrorism

   5.       Missing student(s)

   6.       Suicide

   7.       Threatening persons

   8.       Weapons/explosives found on school site

   9.       Any other situation the Safe Schools Committee deems appropriate


The crisis/emergency plan will be kept on file at each school site and a copy will be provided to local emergency management officials.  Additionally, the superintendent will maintain communication with other community agencies in order to share information on pre­paredness and planned procedures.  It shall also be the responsibility of the superintendent to ensure that the schools work in cooperation with these other agencies during such emergencies.


Emergency preparedness should be discussed with teachers and students at least once per semester or as deemed necessary by the building administration.  Each classroom shall have posted a copy of rules, evacuation signals, evacuation routes, and proce­dures to be followed for fire and tornado emergencies, terrorist attacks, and emergency evacuations.  All teachers and staff members shall make themselves familiar with these procedures.


The board of education shall receive yearly reports from the superintendent as to the status of all emergency plans, which reports shall identify any safety needs for the school district.





REFERENCE:    63 O.S. §681

                                70 O.S. §24-100