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In accordance with the policy of the board of education, the following regulation shall govern the searching of school property by search dogs.


Searches of school property and grounds will be conducted during periodic unannounced visits either during school hours or non-school hours at the discretion of the superintendent.


All lockers, vehicles, and school desks are subject to search.  If a search dog indicates the possible presence of any material that the dog is trained to detect, that area or place or object will be further searched by designated school personnel.


No student, employee, or other person will be the target of a search by a search dog unless reasonable suspicion exists with regard to that particular person.  However, if the search dog indicates the possible presence of material that the dog is trained to detect is contained in a locker, desk, or vehicle, a further search will be conducted by designated school personnel.  This search will be of the cold weather outerwear, purse, containers, or other items of concealment in the possession of the student assigned to that locker or desk or driving that vehicle.


Searches which disclose the presence of any material which the dog is trained to detect, or any material or items which is forbidden by school policy may lead to further investigation by school officials or law enforcement offi­cers, and/or disciplinary action by the school.  Such disciplinary action may include suspension.  No disciplinary action will be taken without appropriate due process.  Parental or legal guardian notification will be made in all cases where prohibited substances, materials, or items are discovered in the possession of a minor student.


Strip searches or removal of any clothing other than cold weather outerwear are prohibited.





REFERENCE:    70 O.S. §24-102