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In the event of a call or notice to the effect that a bomb has been placed in a school or any other building or establishment, the following procedures are recommended:


   1.       Immediate evacuation of the school or buildings.*


   2.       If the call was not received originally by the fire and police departments, immediate notification is required.


   3.       A search of the building or premises should be conducted by the police and/or fire department.


   4.       If a thorough search has been conducted and nothing found, the principal of the building should be notified by the police and/or fire department that reentry will be permitted.


   5.       A request for investigation of the incident should be made to the local police department.


Any decision concerning the dismissal of school students and sub­sequent action after the above procedures have been followed is the prerogative of the superintendent.











*Evacuation of the building to various safe locations in a random order is preferred so that anyone threatening harm will not have prior knowledge of the evacuation route and safe areas.