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In accordance with the policy of the board of education and Oklahoma law, fire drills will be scheduled by the prin­cipal at least twice each school year.  The fire drills shall be conducted within the first fifteen days of each semes­ter.  The purpose of a fire drill is to train students, under staff direction, to move safely, quickly, and quietly from any location within the building to an assigned evacuation area outside.


The following rules and procedures will be complied with in all schools:


   1.       Rules for fire evacuation will be posted in each room.  These rules will indicate the primary and alternate exits and the evacuation area to which the student should proceed upon leaving the building.  The posted rules will be discussed with each class using the room during the first day(s) of the school year.


   2.       A district fire alarm signal will be used for fire drills only; another signal will be established by the principal for return to class.


   3.       No person is to remain in the building during fire drills.


   4.       Evacuation areas will be at least 50 feet (100 feet if possible) away from buildings and driveways at the north and south ends of the school.


   5.       It is each student's responsibility to move quickly, quietly, and in an orderly manner through the assigned exit to the assigned evacuation area.


   6.       Provided safety considerations allow, the teacher or other fire evacuation leader will be responsible for:


             A.   Seeing that windows are closed.


             B.   Assuring that electrical circuits and gas jets are turned off.


             C.   Maintaining order during the evacuation.


             D.   Assigning students to hold doors open, if their group is the first to evacuate from such doors, and in­structing students holding doors to rejoin the class after the last person has passed through the doors.


             E.   Taking the roll book and checking roll when the class is in the assigned evacuation area.  The name of any student not accounted for will be reported immediately to the principal or the principal's designee.


   7.       The exercise will be observed by the vice-principals and a report made to the principal as to the time required to complete the evacuation.


   8.       The principal will provide the superintendent, or the superintendent's designee, with a report on all fire drills, including the time required for evacuation.  The superin­tendent shall preserve such reports for at least three years and make them available to the State Fire Marshal, or his agent, upon request.



REFERENCE:    63 O.S. §176