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The use of a tobacco product shall be prohibited 24/7 in or on an educational facility that offers an early childhood education program or in which children in grades kindergarten through twelve are educated.  The use of a tobacco product shall also be prohibited 24/7 in school vehicles, and at any school-sponsored or school-sanctioned event or activity. 


  1. "Educational facility" is defined as any property, building, permanent structure, facility, auditorium, stadium, arena or recreational facility owned, leased, or under the control of the school district.


       2.       “School Vehicle” is defined as any transportation equipment or auxiliary transportation equipment as defined in 70 O.S. § 9-104. 


       3.       “Chewing tobacco” is defined as any Cavendish, twist, plug, scrap, and any other kinds and forms of tobacco suitable for chewing.


       4.       “Smoking tobacco” is defined as any granulated, plug cut, crimp cut, ready rubbed, and any other kinds and forms of tobacco suitable for smoking in a pipe or cigarette. 


       5.       “Tobacco product” is defined as any bidis, cigars, cheroots, stogies, smoking tobacco and chewing tobacco, however prepared.  Tobacco products shall include any other articles or products made of tobacco or any substitute thereof.  Tobacco product will also include any vaping product. 


Signs will be posted in prominent places on school property to notify the public that smoking or other use of tobacco products is prohibited.


Students are also prohibited from possessing tobacco on, in, or upon any school property.  If students are found to be carrying cigarettes or other tobacco products, the tobacco product will be confiscated.


Employees are warned that violation of this policy may lead to dismissal action.  Patrons who violate this policy will be asked to leave the school premises.  Students violating this policy will be disciplined.





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