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The Tannehill  Board of Education realizes that hazardous materials are used in the day-to-day operation of the school facili­ties and in the support of education requirements.  The board also recognizes that with the use of hazard­ous materi­als, responsibility must be taken to ensure personal safety and to protect the environment during the use, storage, and transportation of such materials.


Therefore, this school district shall establish and maintain con­ditions of work which are reasonably safe and health­ful for our employees.  The school district's safety standards and safeguards shall be those which are reasonably necessary for the protection of the life, health and safety of our employees.


The term "hazardous materials" includes any substance or mixture of substances that pose a fire, explosive, reactive, or health hazard (such as bloodborne pathogens).  Examples are common household cleaning supplies, spray oven cleaners, cleaning solvents, photo chemicals, soldering flux, some ceramic glazes, oils, gasoline and other fuels, and all other materials for which a "material safety data sheet" (MSDS) has been prepared.  The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration maintains complete listings of hazardous substances and materials. 


The superintendent will develop regulations and/or procedures that govern the purchase, storage, handling, transportation, and disposal of hazardous materials for school facilities and operations.


Such regulations will establish an ongoing process by which each location in the district will have a program of identi­fying and managing hazardous material.  District personnel will be encour­aged to substitute non-hazardous material for hazardous material to the extent possible and to minimize the quantities of hazardous substances used and stored on school property.