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It is the policy of the Tannehill Board of Education that each teacher shall be charged with the responsibility of accounting for equipment or supplies used by the teacher.


Inventories will be made of all equipment, books, furniture, computing devices and supplies at the beginning and close of the school year.  The inventory will be filed in the office of the superintendent.


No school property or equipment may be removed from the school for non-school use without the approval of the superintendent.  Any equipment on loan must be operated by a school approved operator.  The borrower shall assume the expense of the operator and the full responsibility for the equipment while it is in the borrower's possession.


Equipment purchased with federal funds shall be utilized in the program or project for which it was acquired as long as needed.  When no longer needed for the original program or project, the equipment can be utilized in other programs or projects which are approved by the superintendent or designee.  Prior to any sale of property, the board of education will need to vote to declare the property as surplus.  When acquiring replacement property, the school district may utilize the equipment to be replaced as a trade-in or sell the property and use the proceeds to offset the cost of the replacement property. 


Any property that is purchased with federal funding is the property of the school district and should be identified on inventory lists with a description of the property, a serial number or other identification number, the source of funding for the property, the acquisition date, and the cost of the property, the location, use and condition of the property, any ultimate disposition information including the date of disposal and sale price of the property.  Any sale of property that was purchased with federal funding must ensure the highest possible return for the school district and adhere to district policy regarding sale of personal property. 




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