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The Tannehill  Board of Education believes that all employees and students are responsible for the proper care of school facilities, equipment, and property in their use or under their control.


Cooperation is expected from the professional staff regarding the care and distribution of school-owned textbooks.  The superin­tendent may delegate authority to building principals for the care, custody, and distribution of textbooks, as well as other instructional material and equipment.


Students are required to return all district-owned texts to the teacher who issued them at the end of the period of use. Failure to return books at the appropriate time will result in the student paying for the cost of the replacement. The student assumes the cost of any text lost or damaged. It must be paid before new text is issued or before credit for courses will be given. If a misplaced book is returned, the student may be refunded any charges previously paid to the school for the book.


The school district will not - and the superintendent is not authorized to - prevent a student from receiving a grade, to which the student is entitled, from graduating upon completion of graduation requirements, or from obtaining any records or information supplied to the school or otherwise owned by the student.


The school district will forward all educational records of a student to another school district in which the child is enrolling within three (3) business days of the request as per 70 O.S. § 24-101.4 regardless of whether all fines and fees have been paid by the former student. 





REFERENCE:    70 O.S. §16-121