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                                      EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES



It is the policy of the Tannehill  Board of Education to take action and provide statutory notification concerning the renewal or nonrenewal of all teachers' contracts prior to the first Monday in June each year.


The district will provide reasonable assurance in writing to support employees that the district intends to employ for the subsequent school year no later than ten days after the effective date of the education appropriation bill or by

June 1, whichever is later.


The superintendent shall recommend candidates for administrative, support, and certified positions to the board.  The principal(s) shall be consulted on the employment and retention of teachers.


Among other requirements for employment, the superintendent shall insure that prospective employees produce le­gally sufficient documents showing citizenship status.  The superintendent may develop rules and regulations gov­erning employment practices.  Such rules and regulations, if developed, must be approved by the board of education and shall become a part of this policy.


In the event the board decides not to employ a candidate who is recommended by the superintendent, further recommendations should be made to the board by the superintendent until a selection is made.


The employment of any person with this school district shall not be made or excluded on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, national origin, handicap, pregnancy, parenthood, marriage, or for any other reason not related to individ­ual capability to perform in the position for which employed.  In accordance with Oklahoma Statutes Title 70, Sec­tion 5‑113.1, the board of education shall not consider for employment in any capacity a relative within the second degree of consanguinity or affinity of a board member.





NOTE:                  70 O.S. §5-138 prohibits a school board from requiring any employee, other than the superintendent, to reside within the boundaries of that school district.