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Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing




The board of education may require drug and alcohol testing of all new applicants upon a condi­tional offer of employment.  Substances tested shall be for drugs and alcohol.  The refusal of a job applicant who has been offered conditional employment to take the test will be considered as a basis for not employing the applicant.  Each case will be reviewed to assure compliance with current regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


The school district may request or require an employee to undergo drug and/or alcohol testing as set forth below and when the superintendent at any time reasonably believes that the employee may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, including, but not limited to, the following:


  1. drugs or alcohol on or about the employee’s person or in the employee’s vicinity,
  2. conduct on the employee’s part that suggests impairment or influence of drugs or alcohol,
  3. a report of drug or alcohol use while at work or on duty,
  4. information that an employee has tampered with drug or alcohol testing at any time,
  5. negative performance patterns, or
  6. excessive or unexplained absenteeism or tardiness;


    Substances tested shall be for drugs and alcohol. 


    This school district will require school bus drivers, mechanics, maintenance employees, and any em­ployee who is required to obtain a commercial driver's license (CDL) to undergo drug or alcohol testing prior to employment and on a ran­dom selection basis.  The superintendent shall ensure that employees who are selected for random testing are selected on a basis that is entirely random and on a basis which results in an equal probability that any employee from a group of employees subject to the selection mechanism will be selected and does not give the district discretion to waive the selection of any employee selected.  (See also policy DCCB and DCCB-R.)


    This school district will require bus drivers, mechanics, maintenance personnel, and any district employee who is required to obtain a commercial driver's license (CDL) to undergo drug or alcohol testing during routine employee fitness-for-duty medical examinations.  (See also policy DCCB and DCCB-R.)


    This school district will require periodic drug and alcohol testing without prior notice of any employee who has tested positively under this policy, who has participated in a drug or alcohol dependency treatment program as a result of this policy, or an employee who is required to obtain a commercial driver's license (CDL).


    Any employee who refuses to submit to drug or alcohol testing may be subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, termination of employment subject to all applicable due process procedures.  Employees who refuse to undergo a drug or alcohol test shall be considered to have been discharged for misconduct for purposes of unemployment compensation benefits.  In order to prove misconduct, the employer need only provide proof of a testing policy and either a refusal to take a drug or alcohol test or a positive test result with chain of custody and opportunity to retest. 


    Drug Testing Procedures


    Drug and alcohol testing standards and procedures of this school district shall conform fully to the provisions of the






State Board of Health.  Testing facilities used by this district shall provide evidence of having met all licensing and/or certification requirements of the State Board of Health including the following:


   1.       Samples shall be collected and tested only by individuals deemed qualified by the State Board of Health.  Such samples may be collected on the premises of the school district or at a testing facility.


   2.       Only samples deemed appropriate by the State Board of Health for drug and alcohol testing shall be collected.


   3.       The collection of samples shall be performed under reasonable and sanitary conditions.


   4.       Samples shall be collected in sufficient quantity for splitting into two separate specimens, pursuant to rules of the State Board of Health, to provide for any subsequent independent analysis in the event of challenge of the test results of the main specimen.


   5.       Samples shall be collected and tested with due regard to the privacy of the individual being tested.  In the instances of urinalysis, no representative, agent, or designee of the school district shall directly observe an appli­cant or employee in the process of producing a urine sample; provided, however, collection shall be in a man­ner reasonably calculated to prevent substitutions or interference with the collection or testing of reliable samples.


   6.       The testing facility will provide the necessary documentation of testing procedure and test results to the employer requesting testing services as may be required by a court or administrative proceeding. 



   7.       A written record of the chain of custody of the sample shall be maintained from the time of the collection of the sample until the sample is no longer required.


Testing Results


The following steps will be taken when an employee's medical exam is positive for the presence of drugs or alcohol:


   1.       The employee will be notified of the results of the test.  The applicant or employee has a right to obtain all information and records relating to that individual's testing.


   2.       The employee will be advised of the outcome of the drug screening and will be immediately removed from the current job assignment.


   3.       The employee will be given a reasonable opportunity for confidential rebuttal of the results.


   4.       To continue employment with the district, the employee must develop a written plan for improvement with the employee's supervisor.  As an element of every plan for improvement, the employee will be encouraged to voluntarily seek professional assistance and/or participate in an appropriate rehabilitation program.  Drug and alcohol dependency evaluation and referral services for substance abuse counseling, treatment, or rehabilitation shall be provided to the employee.







   5.       The employee will be suspended until the employee has tested negative on a follow-up drug screening.  The follow-up drug screening will be administered no earlier than seven nor more than forty-five (45) calendar days following the initial positive drug screening.  The physician who administered and inter­preted the initial drug screening will make a recommendation to the district as to the amount of time that is appropriate be­fore administering the follow-up drug screening, depending on the type and amount of chemical substance initially detected in the employee's system.  The employee may use exist­ing accrued leave during this sus­pension.  If the employee does not have sufficient accrued leave to cover the absence, the leave will be without pay unless prohibited by applicable law.  All employees hereby affected by this policy and regulation will be provided appropriate due process procedures.


   6.       If the follow-up drug screening is negative, the employee may be returned to regular assignment.  If the drug screening is positive, procedures for the employee's termination will be implemented in accordance with this policy and the district's employment termination policies.


   7.       Any employee whose drug screening is positive a second time, regardless of the length of time which has passed since the first positive test, will be recommended to the board for dismissal.  Any employee who has once tested positive may be subject to random drug screening sampling for a period of two years, commencing with the employee's return to work, and/or may be recommended for dismissal.




The school district shall maintain the results of any drug/alcohol test in confidentiality to the extent possible.  The employee who participates in a drug/alcohol test will be provided an opportunity to review and to obtain copies of any information and records pertaining to the drug/alcohol test.


   1.       The school district will maintain all drug and alcohol test results and related information, including, but not limited to, interviews, reports, statements, and memoranda, as confidential records, separate from other per­sonnel records.  Such records, including the records of the testing facility, shall not be used in any criminal proceeding, or any civil or administrative proceeding, except in those actions taken by the district or in any action involving the individual tests and the district or unless such records are ordered released pursuant to a valid subpoena or other court order.


   2.       The records described above and maintained by the district shall be the property of this school district and, upon the request of the applicant or employee tested, shall be made available for inspection and copying to the applicant or employee.  The district will not release such records to any person other than the applicant, employee, or the district's review officer, unless the applicant or employee has expressly granted permission in writing, following receipt of the test results, for the district to release such records or pursuant to a valid court order.


   3.       A testing facility, or any agent, representative or designee of the facility, or any review officer, shall not dis­close to the district, based on the analysis of a sample collected from an applicant or employee for the purpose of testing for the presence of drugs or alcohol, any information relating to the general health, pregnancy or other physical or mental condition of the applicant or employee. 







              A testing facility shall release the results of the drug or alcohol test, and any analysis and information related thereto, to the individual tested upon his/her request.


Other Provisions


Drug/alcohol tests required pursuant to this policy will be conducted during, prior to, or immediately after the regular work period for current employees and shall be deemed work time for purposes of compensation and benefits for current employees.


The school district shall pay all costs of testing for drugs or alcohol including any school requested confirmation tests and the costs of transportation to the drug/alcohol test site.  Any individual who requests a retest of a sample in order to challenge the results of a positive test shall pay all costs of the retest, unless the retest reverses the findings of the challenged positive test in which case the school district shall reimburse the individual for the costs of the retest.


A copy of this policy shall be posted in a prominent employee access area and shall be provided to each job applicant upon the applicant's receipt of a conditional offer of employment.


Any employee or applicant for employment who refuses to undergo drug or alcohol testing conducted in accordance with board policy and these regulations may be disciplined up to and including termination of employment.  An employee discharged on the basis of a refusal to undergo drug or alcohol testing or a confirmed positive drug or alco­hol test conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Standards for Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Act shall be considered to have been discharged for misconduct and shall be disqualified for unemployment compensation.





REFERENCE:    40 O.S. §2-406A

                                40 O.S. §551, et seq.