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The board of education will provide sick leave benefits to all support employees in order to promote a sense of security and permit the ease of mind essential to the satisfactory performance of services.  In compliance with Oklahoma Statutes, Title 70, Section 6-104, the following guidelines are set forth:


   1.       For the purposes of this policy, support employee is defined as a full-time employee of the school district as determined by the standard period of labor which is customarily under­stood to constitute full-time employ­ment for the type of services performed by the employee who is employed a minimum of 172 days and who provides those services which are not performed by certified teachers, principals, superintendents or administrators and which are neces­sary for the efficient and satisfactory functioning of a school district.


   2.       The superintendent of schools, or designee, shall be responsible for administering this plan.


   3.       A support employee may be absent from duty due to a personal accidental injury, illness, or pregnancy, or accidental injury, illness, or death in the immediate family without loss of salary.  Benefits shall include paid sick leave of one day per month of employment.  The one day sick leave per month equals the number of hours the employee normally works per day.  If an employee is injured as a result of an assault or battery upon the person of the employee while the employee is in the performance of any duties as an education employee, the employee shall be entitled to a leave of absence from employment with the school without a loss of leave benefits. 


   4.       Unused sick leave shall be cumulative.  (Revised November 16, 2017agenda item #7)


   5.       The sick leave granted to support employees under this policy shall be vested at the time of accrual, that is, upon the completion of the first month's employment, the employee shall have accrued one sick leave day.


   6.       Accumulated sick leave may be transferred to another school district where a support employee is employed the next succeeding school year in accordance with that district's policies.


   7.       Support personnel who are employed for the first time in this district and who were employed at another school district during the year immediately preceding their employment with this district may transfer a maximum of 60 sick leave days.


  1. Sick leave benefits may be paid in addition to workers' compensation benefits; however, the sum of the payments will not exceed 100% of the employee’s net pay as it existed prior to injury.





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