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The board of education shall provide for a minimum of three days for personal business leave for teachers and support personnel.  Such leave shall be limited to personal business matters that cannot be conducted before or after school hours or on weekends.  Personal business leave is noncumulative.


Requests for personal business leave shall be made in writing and in advance when possible.  If advance request is not possible, the written request shall be filed within one day after returning to work.  The request shall include a signed statement that the leave was not used for personal entertainment, recreation, gainful employment, or to seek another position.  The request shall be considered by the principal and superintendent who shall approve or disapprove.


The types of situations that may qualify for personal business leave are varied.  The following examples serve only as guidelines:


   1.       Family illness other than immediate family


   2.       Emergency business transactions


             A.   Loan closings


             B.   Other banking matters


             C.   IRS reviews


   3.       Legal Matters


             A.   Meetings with an attorney for personal, spouse, or children's business


             B.   Court appearances


             C.   Settling of estates


   4.       Miscellaneous


             A.   Attend business convention with spouse


             B.   Military obligations


             C.   Attendance at a school activity if son or daughter is participating


             D.   Attending funerals


The following examples are types of absences that will NOT be approved for personal business leave:


   1.       Pleasure trips or vacations






   2.       Attending school activities or sporting events when son or daughter is not competing


   3.       Seeking other employment


   4.       Participating in political or social activities


   5.       Performing any service for compensation





REFERENCE:    70 O.S. §6-104

                                Atty. Gen. Op. No. 77-217 (Aug. 19, 1977)


NOTE:                  Referenced statute requires each school district to provide a minimum of three days for personal leave to certified and support personnel.  However, "a local board of education is authorized to adopt reasonable rules, regulations and policies defining activity which shall be deemed to constitute or qualify as 'personal business' leave.  In adopting such a definition, the ordinary and every day commonly understood meaning of the phrase 'personal business' should be followed."  Atty. Gen. Op. No. 77-217 (Aug. 19, 1977)