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In accordance with the policy of the board of education, this procedure sets forth the necessary steps to follow in registering and processing a grievance with the school district.




A grievance is a complaint by a district employee alleging a violation or misinterpretation of any district policy or regula­tion directly and specifically governing that employee's terms and conditions of employment.


A grievant is any employee of this district filing a grievance.


The grievance officer is the superintendent or designee.


Terms and conditions of employment means the hours of employment; the compensation, including fringe benefits; and the district's personnel policies which affect the employee.


A day means any day in which the schools are in operation.


Immediate supervisor is the lowest-level administrator having supervisory authority over the grievant.


The following steps will be used in presenting a grievance:


          Step #1  The grievant must present the grievance in writing within fifteen (15) days of the alleged violation to the grievant's immediate supervisor.  The supervisor will attempt to resolve any issue within his or her authority and area of responsibility.


          Step #2  If the grievance cannot be resolved at this level by the immediate supervisor, the grievant must present in written form within ten days (two working weeks) the grievance to the grievance officer.  The super­intendent may designate another administrator as the grievance officer.  (Use Grievance Report Form A.)


          Step #3  The grievance officer shall investigate and respond within five days (one working week).  (Use space provided on the Grievance Report Form A.)


          Step #4  If the grievance is not resolved at this level, the grievant may appeal within ten days (two working weeks) to the superintendent or his/her designated officer.  (Use Appeal Form B.)


          Step #5  The superintendent, or his/her designated officer, must respond to the appeal within five days (one working week).  (Use space provided on the appeal Form B.)


          Step #6  If the grievant is not resolved at this level, an appeal may be made within ten days (two working weeks) to the board of education which will review the grievance at the next regular meeting or within thirty calendar days.  (Use Appeal Form C.)  The review will be limited to the documentation provided to the board at the board meeting.  Documentation will not be distributed prior to the board meeting.  Each side will be given an opportunity, limited to ten minutes, to present their materials.  The board may ask questions at any time.


          Step #7  The local board of education will come to a decision before the meeting is adjourned.  (Use space provided on Appeal Form C.)  The board may go into executive session only if the grievance directly involves any one of the reasons provided in 25 O.S. §307.  The decision of the board shall be final and nonappealable.