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It is the policy of the Tannehill Board of Education that teachers and other employees shall continue their profes­sional growth through seminar and workshop attendance and membership in professional organizations.  The board believes that it has a responsibility to provide opportunities for the continual growth of its professional staff.  Such opportunities may include, within budgetary limita­tion, special in-service training courses and workshops as recom­mended by a profes­sional development committee and/or the board.  Staff members are encour­aged to seek additional and higher degrees, to obtain further certification, and to become more proficient not only in their subject area, but also in their ability to handle discipline, to motivate students, and to cope with both personal and job-related stress.


A focused and individualized program of professional development shall be created for each teacher and administrator that is consistent with the qualitative component of the TLE.  Annual professional growth goals shall be developed for each certified employee in collaboration with the certified employee’s evaluator.  The goals shall be tailored to address a specific area or criteria identified through the qualitative component of the TLE.  The certified employee will actively engage with learning practices that are evidence-based, researched practices that are correlated with increased student achievement, and the professional development will be supported by resources that are easily available and supplied by the school district and the State Department of Education.  The superintendent or designee shall monitor compliance with each individualized program of professional development. 


The professional development committee shall be composed of classroom teachers, administrators, school counselors or licensed mental health providers, and parents, guardians, or custodians of children in the district.  A majority of the com­mittee shall be composed of classroom teach­ers who will be selected by a designated administrator of the district from a list provided by the teachers in the school district.  The members selected shall be subject to the approval of a majority vote of the teachers in the district.  The administrators shall be selected by the board from a list provided by the superintend­ent.  Parents shall be selected by the board from a list provided by the administra­tion and the professional development com­mittee. 


When classes are dismissed for that purpose, teachers are expected to attend professional meetings or forfeit one day's pay for each day of the meeting unattended unless an emergency exists.


The board may authorize the attendance of teachers at educational conferences and may reimburse travel and lodging expenses.  Authorization to attend shall be obtained from the board prior to the activity date.  Written requests shall be submitted to the superintendent who will forward the request to the board.





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