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The Tannehill Board of Education believes that personnel evaluation is a mutual endeavor among all staff members and the board to improve the quality of the overall educational program.  The improvement of the district's educational efforts must be a joint responsibility of the school district and the individual educator.


All certified staff members shall be evaluated using an evaluation system that has been approved by the Oklahoma State Board of Education.  The completed evaluation shall be retained in the personnel file of the person being evaluated.  The evaluation instrument is a confidential document and shall be protected accordingly.


Probationary teachers shall receive formative feedback from the evaluation process at least twice each year.  Formative feedback shall occur during the fall semester, and at least once during the spring semester, each year.  Career teachers shall be evaluated at least once each year except for career teachers receiving a district evaluation rating of "superior" or "highly effective" rating under the TLE, who may be evaluated once every three (3) years.  Evaluations of teachers shall be made by the appro­priate certified principal, or other designated certified and qualified administrative person.


The evaluation rating of teachers and administrators shall be based on the qualitative component of the TLE.  A school district with an average daily attendance of more than thirty-five thousand (35,000) may incorporate at its own expense prior to the 2015-2016 school year the quantitative components of the TLE into its evaluation system of  teachers and administrators as defined by the school district’s written policy.   The district may continue to use, at its own expense, quantitative measures of teachers and leaders as a part of the district evaluation rating.  Such measures shall include a minimum of one reliable, researched-based measure as approved by the State Board of Education. 


For evaluations of teachers and administrators conducted during the 2017-2018 school year , and each school year thereafter, school districts shall incorporate and put into operation the qualitative component of the TLE and shall provide all teachers and administrators with a district evaluation rating based upon the components of the TLE.  For the 2017-2018 school year school districts shall incorporate the individualized programs of professional development set forth at 70 O.S. § 6-101.10 (B) on a pilot program basis.


For evaluations of teachers and administrators conducted during the 2018-2019 school year, and each school year thereafter, school districts shall fully incorporate and put into operation the individualized programs of professional development as set forth at 70 O.S. § 6-101.10 (B).


The evaluation shall be reviewed by the staff member and the evaluator.  Either or both may attach written and signed comments to the evaluation instrument within two weeks of the evaluation, provided that no additional state­ments or comments shall be attached without the teacher's knowledge.  The teacher's signature on the evaluation instrument shall serve only to reflect the teacher's acknowledgment that an evaluation was conducted.  A copy of the completed evaluation instrument will be provided to the teacher.


Except by order of a court of competent jurisdic­tion, evaluation documents and the responses thereto shall be made available only to the evaluated person, the board of education, the administrative staff making the evaluation, the board and administrative staff of any school to which the evaluated person applies for employment, and such other persons given consent by the teacher in writing, and shall be subject to disclosure at a hearing or trial de novo.


If the evaluation discloses any area(s) in which improvement can be reasonably expected and desired, the principal shall discuss such area(s) with the teacher and offer suggestions and recommendations as to how improvement may be achieved.  Such recommendations shall be recorded on the evaluation instrument.







When the evaluating administrator identifies poor performance or conduct that the administrator believes may lead to a recommenda­tion for the career teacher's dismissal or nonreemployment, the adminis­trator will admonish the teacher in

writ­ing and make reasonable effort to assist the teacher in correcting the poor performance or conduct; and establish a reasonable time for improvement, not to exceed two months.


If the career teacher does not correct the poor performance or conduct cited in the admonition within the time speci­fied, the administrator shall make a recommendation to the superintendent for the dismissal or nonreemployment of the teacher.  A probationary teacher will receive a plan of improvement if inadequate teaching performance exists.

The board shall review this evaluation policy on an annual basis following consultation or involvement by representatives selected by the teachers in this district.





REFERENCE:    70 O.S. §6-101.10, et seq.


















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