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Except for the superintendent of schools, who shall be evaluated by the board of education, all certified and non‑certified administrators shall be evaluated at least annually by the certified administrative personnel designated by the superintendent.  All evaluations shall be made in writing utilizing a system for evaluation approved by the State Board of Education.  An individualized program of professional development shall be created for all administrators. 


Evaluation documents and responses thereto are to be maintained in a personnel file for each administrator.  The same evaluation form shall be used for both certified and non-certified administrators.  The evaluator may omit any criterion or indicator on the evaluation form that is not applicable to the administrative position being evaluated.  The evaluation instrument is a confidential document and shall be protected accordingly.


This policy and the evaluation form utilized to effectuate this policy shall promptly be made available to all persons subject to this policy.


All certified and non-certified administrators shall be evaluated and the evaluation form completed no later than February 28th of each school year.


The board of education shall evaluate and complete the evaluation form on the superintendent of schools prior to the board taking any action to renew or not renew the superintendent's contract.