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It is the policy of the Tannehill  Board of Education that professional employees, who for any reason intend to resign or who intend to retire, are encouraged to indicate their plans in writing to the board as early in the school year as plans may become firm and the decision to leave the district is made.  Resignations become effective at the end of the school year in which they are sub­mitted.  Resignations to become effective earlier than at the end of the school year require a release by the board and must be considered on an individual basis.  Resignations for the subse­quent school year likewise require a release by the board and will be considered on an individual basis.  Letters of resignation must be mailed to the board by registered or certified mail. 


Career teachers will be subject to dismissal at any time - or will not be eligible for reemployment - for:


   1.       Willful neglect of duty,


   2.       Repeated negligence in the performance of duty,


   3.       Mental or physical abuse to a child,


   4.       Incompetency,


   5.       Instructional ineffectiveness,


   6.       Unsatisfactory teaching performance,


   7.       Commission of an act of moral turpitude,


   8.       Abandonment of contract,


   9.       Conviction of a felony,


10.       After a finding that such person has engaged in criminal sexual activity or sexual misconduct that has impeded the effectiveness of the individual's performance of school duties, or


11.       Failure to earn required staff development points.


Probationary teachers may be terminated for cause or nonrenewed by the board at its discretion subject to any statutory due process require­ments in effect at the time such teacher is recommended for dismissal or nonrenewal.


Procedures for dismissal of certified employees are governed by state law and all actions of the school district and the board are clearly identified in the statutes.  However, nothing in this policy shall be construed to prevent layoffs due to lack of funds or work.  No action regarding dismissal or nonrenewal of an employee shall be taken until the employee has received due process (see DO-R).


The board of education may vote to offer employment or to not offer employment for the subsequent school year in advance of the statutory deadline.  Until a written contract is executed or until the statutory deadline passes, the board may vote to not reemploy a certified employee.






The superintendent is directed to prepare procedures for the termination of career and probationary teachers in support of this policy.





REFERENCE:    70 O.S. §6-101, §6-101.20, et seq.

                                70 O.S. §18-123