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The Tannehill Board of Education has adopted the following procedure for the suspension, demotion, or termina­tion of support personnel in accordance with Title 70 of Oklahoma Statutes, Sections 6-101.40 through 6-101.47.


For the purpose of this policy, "support employee" means a full-time employee as determined by the standard period of labor which is customarily understood to constitute full-time employment for the type of services performed by the employee who is employed a minimum of one hundred seventy-two days (172) and who provides those services which are not performed by certified teachers, principals, superintendents or administrators and which are necessary for the efficient and satisfactory functioning of a school district.


No support employee who has been employed in the school district for more than one year may be suspended, dis­charged, or nonrenewed except within the provisions of this policy.  However, this policy shall not be construed to prevent layoffs or reductions-in-force for lack of funds or work.


When the immediate suspension of a support employee is in the best interest of the school, the superintendent may suspend the employee with or without pay without a hearing.  If an employee is suspended for a period exceeding 10 days, the superintendent shall initiate termination proceedings immediately upon the beginning of suspension.  How­ever, in a case involving a criminal charge, the suspension may be delayed until the case is adjudicated at trial.  Noth­ing herein shall prevent proceeding against the employee for termination of employment during or after the suspension.


Prior to demotion, termination, or nonrenewal and after any suspension, the support employee shall receive notice of his or her right to a board hearing if so requested.  Employees will be notified by certified mail of a superintendent’s recommendation to demote or terminate employment, and the sup­port employee must request a hearing by certified mail to the board clerk within 10 working days of said notice, or the employee shall be deemed to have waived his or her right to a hearing.


If a hearing is requested, the hearing shall be conducted at the next succeeding regular meeting of the board if the request is received by the board clerk at least 10 days prior to such meet­ing.  However, a special meeting may be con­ducted if requested by the employee or at the discretion of the board of education.  Such special meeting shall be con­ducted no sooner than 10 days,  nor later than 30 days, after receipt of the hearing request.  The decision of the board shall be final.


The procedures of this policy only protect em­ployees who have been employed more than one year immediately pre­ceding adverse employment action and are suspended or discharged during a contractual period of employment or are nonrenewed.


In accordance with Title 70 of the Oklahoma Statutes, Sections 6-101.40 through 6-101.47, the board hereby adopts the following causes for suspension, demotion, termination, or nonrenewal of support personnel:


   1.       Leaving workstation without authorization prior to lunch periods or end of workday.


   2.       Excessive unexcused absenteeism.


   3.       Chronic absenteeism for any reason.


   4.       Excessive tardiness.






   5.       Persistently wasting time or distracting others during working hours.


   6.       Leaving work area during working hours without proper notification and permission.


   7.       Falsification of personnel or other records (personal or another employee's records).


   8.       Possession of weapons on the premises at any time.


   9.       Removing district property, records, or confidential information from premises without proper authority.


10.       Willful abuse, misuse, defacing, or destruction of district property, including tools, equipment, or other property of other employees.


11.       Theft or misappropriation of property of employees, students, or of this district.


12.       Sabotage.


13.       Refusal to follow instructions of supervisor.


14.       Refusal or failure to do work assignment.


15.       Unauthorized operation of vehicles, machines, tools, or equipment.


16.       Threatening, intimidating, coercing, or interfering with employees, supervisors, or students at any time.


17.       The making or publishing of false, vicious, or malicious statements concerning any employee, supervisor, students, or the district.


18.       Creating or contributing to unsanitary conditions.


19.       Practical jokes injurious to employee's or district property.


20.       Possession, consumption, or reporting to work under the influence of alcohol, nonprescribed drugs, or controlled substances.


21.       Creating disturbances on the premises at any time.


22.       Disregard of known safety rules or common safety practices.


23.       Unsafe operation of motor driven vehicles.


24.       Operating machines or equipment without safety devices provided.


25.       Participating in or witnessing gambling, lottery, or any other game of chance on district property.






26.       Unauthorized distribution of literature, written, or printed matter of any description on district property.


27.       Posting or removing notices, signs, or writing in any form on bulletin boards of district property at any time without specific authority of the administration.


28.       Poor workmanship.


29.       Immoral conduct or indecency including abusive and/or foul language.


30.       Making or receiving personal telephone calls or texting, posting to Facebook, or use of other social media during working hours.


31.       Walking off the job.


32.       Continued poor or negative attitude while on the job, including poor relationship with other staff or students.


33.       Smoking in unauthorized area or at unauthorized time.


34.       Failure to dress appropriately for work assignment.


35.       Refusal of job transfer within the district when transfer does not result in demotion.


36.       Abuse of rest periods or meal period policies.


37.       Inappropriate and/or unauthorized use of the school district’s computer network or Internet connections.


 38.       Insubordination of any kind.


39.       Racial discrimination, including racial slurs or other demeaning remarks concerning another person's race, ancestry, or country of origin and directed toward another employee, a student or a visitor.


40.       Violation of any district rule or policy.


41.       Violation of any administrative rule or order.


42.       If it is in the best interest of the school district, any support person may be suspended, demoted, or terminated.


Violations of any of the above may lead to the suspension, demotion, or termination of the support employee.



REFERENCE:    70 O.S. §6-101.40, et seq.