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It is the policy of the Tannehill  Board of Education that persons employed as principals in this school district shall have com­pleted, or be in pursuit of, a Master's degree with emphasis on administration, and that all such persons shall have not less than three years of teaching experience at the level to which they are assigned.


Principals within this public school system are employed to act as administrators in PK - 8.


The reemployment of principals shall be based on an annual evaluation by the superintendent or designee and will be considered by the board members prior to the regular February board of education meeting each year.  The superintendent is directed to inform affected principals of any decisions made by the board.


Principals shall assume administrative responsibility and instruc­tional leadership - under the supervision of the super­intendent - for discipline and for the planning, operation, supervision, and evaluation of the educational pro­gram of the schools to which they are assigned.  Principals shall prepare and submit such reports as the superintend­ent may require for the purpose of reporting to the board, the community, and the State Department of Education.


A description of the duties and responsibilities of school prin­cipals may be found in the appropriate job description located elsewhere in this manual.  Nothing in this policy manual shall be construed as limiting or expanding the terms of the employment contract.





REFERENCE:    70 O.S. §6-101.10, et seq.

                                70 O.S. §6-108


NOTE:                  Beginning July 1, 1993, teaching principals shall be required to hold administrative certificates.