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When the Tannehill school systems does not employ a federal programs director, the superintendent shall assume the responsibility for these duties.  The superintendent has the authority to delegate this responsibility to a qualified administrative assistant.


The superintendent or administrative assistant will report semi-annually to the school board on all federal programs and keep the administration advised of pending charges in the various programs.


Administrative Responsibility


   1.       Complete applications for existing programs.


   2.       Complete applications for programs not in existence.


   3.       Disseminate information to the public.


   4.       Complete final reports


   5.       Order and mark supplies and materials with date of purchase for Title I, ESEA; Title IVB Library Equipment, Guidance, Counseling, and Testing; Johnson O'Malley; and Title IVC, Innovative and Support Programs.


   6.       Develop goals and guidelines for the school system to comply with HEW Title IX regulations.


   7.       Select parent committee to serve on individual federal programs.


   8.       Organize meetings and keep all interested parties informed and serve as chairperson for all groups.


Special Education - P.L. 89-313 ESEA Handicapped, VI-B Handicapped


   1.       Homebound program;


   2.       Title programs that apply to special education;


   3.       Special education - out of district transportation reporting;


   4.       Special education report on class membership;


   5.       Special education claims for other districts' students.


Dropout Report


Subsection 2.16 of the State Board of Education Guidelines for Title I specifies that each local education agency utilizing Title I funds develop procedures for the resolution of complaints.  The board of education has adopted said instrument developed by the Title I section of the State Board.  This form will be on file in the administrative office of the school.