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                                PARENT VOLUNTEER PROGRAM




The board of education will institute and encourage a Parent Volunteer Program in the Tannehill  school system.


The primary purpose of the school volunteer program shall be to free the teachers from tasks that could be accomplished by others in order for the teachers to spend more time teaching.  Examples of activities that can be performed by volunteers are:


   1.       Making bulletin boards;


   2.       Clerical tasks, such as filing, typing, etc.;


   3.       Telling stories to children;


   4.       Listening to children read;


   5.       Conducting flash card drills;


   6.       Drilling spelling words;


   7.       Assisting the school nurse with visual and hearing screening;


   8.       Reinforcing math facts;


   9.       Gathering resource material;


10.       Making props and sets for plays;


11.       Teaching a foreign language;


12.       Tutoring;


13.       Anything else as deemed necessary by the cooperating teacher;


14.       Other activities too numerous to mention.


Volunteers will not be allowed to volunteer in their children's or grandchildren's rooms on a regular basis at the elementary level.


Volunteers will not be subjected to a dress code, as such, but will be expected to dress appropriately and be neat and clean in appearance.  No shorts (except in physical education classes) or shirts with inappropriate slogans will be permitted.






Volunteers will not be asked to assume playground or lunchroom duties, nor will they be left alone with a classroom except in an emergency situation.


Volunteers are expected to be professional in their roles as volun­teers and to be positive about their jobs and the school system.  A friendly, courteous relationship is expected between teachers and volunteers.


Problems will be dealt with if and when they arise by the volun­teer coordinator, teacher, and volunteer.  If the situation cannot be resolved at this level, an administrator will be asked to evaluate the situation.


The program will be expanded as deemed necessary by the volunteer coordinator, administration, and teachers.


The volunteer coordinator is to be recommended by the administra­tion and approved by the board of education.