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Health and Fitness Curriculum


The superintendent shall adopt and implement a comprehensive health and fitness curriculum, which will provide opportunities for developmentally appropriate instruction for grades K-8.  Evaluation procedures will utilize classroom-based assessments or other strategies and will be in place by the end of each school year.


The specific objectives and goals the district intends to accomplish through the physical education curriculum are to teach self-management and movement skills as well as cooperation, fair play, and responsible participation in physical activity.  The goal of the school district is to promote student participation in physical activity for a healthier lifestyle. 


All students in grades kindergarten through five are required to complete an average of sixty (60) instructional minutes per week of physical education and sixty (60) minutes of physical activity.  The time students participate in recess shall not be counted toward the sixty minutes per week physical education requirement.  The sixty (60) minutes of physical activity may include, but is not limited to, physical education, exercise programs, fitness breaks, recess, classroom activities, and wellness and nutrition education.  All high school students are strongly encouraged to complete two units or sets of competencies of physical and health education as part of the core curriculum.  District high schools are encouraged to offer a variety of health and fitness classes for each grade in the high school. 


Suitable adapted physical education shall be included as part of individual education plans for students with chronic health problems, other disabling conditions, or other special needs that preclude such students’ participation in regular physical education instruction or activities.


In addition to required physical education, students at the elementary level should have the opportunity to participate in daily recess and physical activity.  The district shall provide daily recess period(s) for elementary school students, featuring time for unstructured but supervised active play.  The district is encouraged to provide adequate co-curricular physical activity programs, including fully inclusive intramural programs and physical activity clubs; and to promote the use of school facilities for physical activity programs offered by the school and/or community-based organizations outside of school hours


The school district may exclude from the participation in physical education or exercise programs those students who have been placed into an in-house suspension or determination class or placement or those students who are under an in-school restriction or are subject to an administrative disciplinary action. 


Oklahoma Kids Fitness Challenge Act


This district will implement the physical activity program for public school students in the fifth grade as established by the State Board of Education.  Fitness challenges adopted by the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness and Sports will be incorporated into the program and may include the following activities:


   1.       Twenty-five sit-ups in two minutes a minimum of three times per week every week during the school year; or


   2.       Walk a minimum of twenty-five miles per week every week during the school year.


   3.       Participation in “Walk Across Oklahoma.”










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