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                              BASIC INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM




In accordance with the policy of the board of education, the following regulation shall govern the curriculum development committee:


   1.       Selection of chairperson:


             A.   An administrator, usually a principal, will be chosen by other principals in the district to serve as chairperson.


   2.       Selection of members:


             A.   Principals of each building will suggest teachers from their building to serve as potential members.


             B.   If the curriculum study is confined to secondary grades (7-12), only junior and senior high teachers will be selected.  If the study is limited to elementary grades (K-6), only elementary teachers will be se­lected.  Studies that encompass grades K-12 will have teacher memberships that represent all grades and buildings involved.


             C.   Individual teachers will be confirmed by the appropriate building principal for serving on the committee after a review of the teacher's educational background, length of service in the district, and potential for worthwhile contributions.


             D.   The number of teachers to be selected from each building will depend upon the size of the faculty in each school.  The total committee size will vary depending on the size of the district.


   3.       Responsibilities of chairperson:


             A.   To keep the superintendent informed concerning progress and direction of the committee.


             B.   To set meeting times and places with members of the committee.


             C.   To help determine appropriate outside consultation services, if deemed necessary by the committee membership.


             D.   To help determine parent and student membership on the committee.  At least three parents should be involved with the committee.


             E.   To keep an accurate record of individual committee members' attendance at all meetings.


              F.   To report to the superintendent and the board of education the results of the curriculum study.







   4.       Responsibilities of committee members:


             A.   To participate actively in the committee's study.


             B.   To attend all meetings and report back to building faculties on the progress of the committee at appro­priate times.  Ideas and suggestions from teachers not on the committee will be sought by the committee members to create total faculty involvement in the study.