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A student retained in third grade in accordance with the Reading Sufficiency Act may be eligible for a midyear promotion to fourth grade.  The midyear promotion of a retained student will be considered if the student can demonstrate that the student is a successful and independent reader, is reading at or above grade level, and is ready to be promoted to the fourth grade.  Tools that may be utilized to reevaluate any retained student may include subsequent assessments, alternative assessments, and portfolio reviews, in accordance with rules of the State Board of Education.  Retained students may only be promoted midyear prior to November 1 and only upon demonstrating a level of proficiency required to score at the proficient level on the third-grade statewide criterion-referenced test, or upon demonstrating proficiency in reading at the third-grade level through a screening instrument administered in accordance with law, and upon showing progress sufficient to master appropriate fourth-grade-level skills, as determined by the school district.  A midyear promotion shall be made only upon the agreement of the parent or guardian of the student and the school principal. 





REFERENCE:    70 O.S. §1210.508C