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It is the policy of the Tannehill  Board of Education to take part in testing programs with the aim of providing information designed to help all students recognize their abilities and to help in planning their school work.  A well-rounded testing program has been devel­oped that can be very valuable to each student.  The board recog­nizes that informa­tion relative to the personality, environment, home life, parental or family relationships, economic status, religious beliefs, patriotism, sexual behavior or attitudes, or sociological problems of a student is privileged and confiden­tial.  Such information shall not be tested for and if revealed shall be discarded. 


The following guidelines exist for the participation of children with disabilities in district-wide assessments:  Each student's IEP shall address guidelines for participation in district assessments, with appropriate modifications and accommodations.  The IEP team may determine that the student is unable to participate in standard district assessments.  Such a determination will be noted in the child's IEP.


Annually, on a date to be determined by the superintendent, the district will provide information to the district's stu­dents, parents of students, and the public at large about the proper meaning and use of tests administered pursuant to the Oklahoma School Testing Program Act.  Additionally, each school site within this district shall notify each stu­dent’s parents of the school’s performance levels in the Oklahoma School Testing Program at the end of each school year.


The superintendent is directed to establish a regulation governing the use of testing programs.  Such regulation, when approved by the board, shall be incorporated into this policy and shall be made a part thereof.





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