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In accordance with the policy of the board of education, this regulation shall govern attendance and absenteeism in grades Kindergarten through six.


The maximum number of absences during any nine-week period shall be five (5).  A student absent from class more than five (5) times during a nine-week period shall be required, along with the student's parents, to work out an improvement plan with the principal.


Students who are absent from class shall be required to make up the work missed.  Arrangements for doing make-up work must be made prior to the absence or not later than the day the student returns to class.


When a student is absent, the parent or guardian should call the attendance office before noon the day of the absence if possible.  Otherwise, the student must bring a note from the parent/guardian explaining the absence.


Three (3) tardies during a nine-week period will be considered one absence.


The following are examples of absences:


                          AVOIDABLE                                                       UNAVOIDABLE


                          Vacations                                                              Personal Illness

                          Trips for visits                                                       Medical Appointments