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Notice of

Transfer Policy

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Dear Parent or Guardian,

Re: Students Transferring Into Tannehill School District

It is the policy of Tannehill Public School to have the authority to “Revoke on Demand” any transfer from a sending district for reasons outlined in this policy. You must agree to this policy before your transfer application will be reviewed by appropriate school personnel and at that time, the student will be approved or denied transfer status. This policy governs any student granted a transfer from another district. By signing this document, you and your student agree to this policy and its consequences.

The undersigned realizes the following conditions: 1) The student has the right by law to attend school in the district where they reside. 2) Residence is established according to the requirements set forth in Tannehill School Policy 3) The student desiring to enter Tannehill School has no statutory right to attend this district 4) Tannehill School is not required to accept this transfer application 5) Tannehill Schools does not desire to accept a transfer of a student who will detract from the education process of resident students.

Parent Signature___________________________________ Date __________________

By signing this agreement I affirm that I have read and understand the above conditions concerning acceptance of the transfer application and my consent to Tannehill School to cancel the transfer, if granted according to Tannehill policy.


Student Signature___________________________________ Date _________________Transfer Procedure:

  1. Parent/Guardian reads and signs this form and completes the transfer application
  2. Review of transfer application by administration and previous school will be notified
  3. Determination of accepting or denying transfer application  by Tannehill School


Date of Transfer Application Review: ____________________

______APPROVED                ___________DENIED

Reasons for Revocation/Cancelation Attached