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The Tannehill Board of Education believes that the goals of educators should include training that helps our children to grow into productive and responsible adults.


While the general health and physical maintenance of a child is the responsibility of the parent, the board believes that teachers and administrators should encourage students to become aware of the value of a healthy mind and body.


If a teacher or an administrator becomes aware of a health problem involving a student, the parents or legal guard­ian of the student shall be notified and a conference with the parents be scheduled.  If efforts to resolve the problem through consultation with the parents are not successful, the administrator shall consider referring the matter to the Department of Human Services.


Health education shall, whenever possible, be incorporated into the subject matter of all courses of instruction.  There shall also be established definite time allocations for the teaching of health education.


Any child who is determined to be afflicted with a contagious disease, as currently defined by the Oklahoma De­part­ment of Health shall be prohibited from attending school until a health officer has determined that the child is free of the contagious disease or that the disease is no longer contagious.


The school district will prohibit a child with head lice from attending school until such time as the child no longer has been identified as having head lice. 





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