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Shampoos to use in treatment of Head Lice:


                          Prescription           Non-Prescription


                          Kwell                      A-200

                          Scabene                 R & C


                                                          Triple X



These products are available from your local drug store or pharmacist.  When used as directed on the package, the products will quickly kill the lice and their eggs (nits).  Usually two treatments are needed.


In the case of head lice, all nits must be picked out of the hair before the child can return to school. If the child is not completely clear of all nits (eggs) and lice, he/she will not be admitted back to school.  A doctor's note or certificate from the health department will be required before the re-admission to school.  The parents will need to report to the school principal with the appropriate documents before the student can return to the classroom.


By the time you learn that one member of your family has lice, they may already have spread to others in the family.  Therefore, it is essential that you do the following at once.


          Inspect each member of your family daily for at least two weeks.  Head lice should be suspected when there is intense itching and scratching of the scalp and the back of the neck.  If you look closely at the scalp, you will see small, whitish eggs firmly attached to the hair shaft, especially at the nape of the neck and above the ears.  Although these eggs may look like dandruff, dandruff can easily be removed from the hair while the eggs are not removed easily even by pulling.  A fine-toothed comb is often needed to remove the nits.


          If other members of your family become infested, treat them also.


          Wash all personal clothing (including underwear and pajamas) and bedding (sheets, blankets, pillowcases) of all family members in hot water (at least 130 deg. F) or by dry cleaning those that have been used in the last two weeks.


          Thoroughly wash combs and brushes in hot soapy water to disinfect.


          Use clean towels for each person.


          Vacuum mattresses, rugs, sofa, etc. thoroughly, or spray house thoroughly with R & C Spray.


          Rinsing hair with vinegar after shampoo makes nit removal easier.


          Repeat shampoo and house cleaning procedures in 7-10 days.