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                                        SCHOOL BUS PROGRAM



The Tannehill Board of Education believes that the purpose in maintaining and operating school bus transportation as a part of the general school program shall be to provide reasonably safe and adequate  transportation to and from school for those students identified below and on such auxiliary trips as the board shall approve.


The board may provide school bus transportation to students who live outside a one and one-half mile radius of school, at any designated pick-up points, and to each child who is participating in a Head Start program.  The pro­vision of school bus trans­portation is not a right of students, but is a privilege extended by the board of education.  Because the potential for property damage and personal injury is great, the superintendent is directed to establish rules and regula­tions governing the conduct of school bus passengers.  Strict adherence to such rules and regulations shall be required.





REFERENCE:    70 O.S. §9-101, et seq.