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                                 SCHOOL BUS SAFETY PROGRAM



The safety and welfare of student riders will be the first consi­deration in matters pertaining to transportation.  Chil­dren will be instructed as to the proper and safe conduct while aboard transportation vehicles.  Emergency evacu­ation drills will be conducted regularly to acquaint students thoroughly with appropriate procedures for emergency situations.


All vehicles used to transport students will be maintained in a condition that will provide reasonably safe and effi­cient transportation service with a minimum of delay and disruption due to mechanical or equipment failure.  Buses will be replaced as required to provide good equipment at all times.


Complete reports on any school bus accident should be filed in a timely manner.  These reports should be brought to the attention of the board as soon as possible.


School bus drivers will always bring the bus to a full stop - with caution lights flashing - before loading or unloading passengers.


When unloading passengers, the driver will stay in place with caution lights on until the exiting passengers are at a safe distance away from the bus and/or clear of the street.