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                                        SCHOOL BUS PROGRAM




In accordance with the policy of the board of education, the following rules and regulations shall govern the conduct of school bus passengers:


   1.       Students and other school bus passengers shall conduct them­selves in a manner consistent with good class­room behavior while waiting for and traveling on school buses.  Misconduct will be brought to the attention of parents and the principal by the school bus driver.


   2.       The noise level on school buses must remain at a low level to enable the driver to hear emergency and train signals.  There­fore, passengers must not shout, sing, or otherwise cause any disturbance that may distract the driver.


   3.       Smoking or the consumption of food or beverage is not permitted on school buses.


   4.       School bus windows must remain closed unless the driver per­mits them to be opened.  When windows are open, passengers must not throw objects from windows or extend any part of the body through a window.


   5.       Any passenger who defaces or vandalizes a school bus in any way shall be immediately suspended from riding school buses.  The first suspension shall be at the discretion of the administration; the second suspension shall be for the re­mainder of that school year.  No suspended student shall be permitted to resume the school bus privilege until all damages for which the student was responsible are paid.


   6.       For misconduct other than vandalism, the student's parent/­guardian and the principal shall be notified of a first occurrence.  The principal shall take whatever reasonable action deemed necessary.  For a second occurrence, the student shall be placed on probation in addition to the above notification and bus privileges shall be with­drawn at the discretion of the administration.  For a third, and subsequent offense, a student's privileges shall be withdrawn for the equivalent of one semester.


   7.       Students must board the school bus at designated bus stops, if any, and at school bus boarding areas on school premises.  Students must remain orderly until the bus comes to a com­plete stop and boarding per­mission is given by the driver.  Seats may be assigned at the driver's discretion.  Passengers must be seated immediately.  Seats may not be held for later passengers, and must be shared when necessary.


   8.       After the bus is en route, passengers must remain seated until the bus is stopped.  Upon exiting the bus, pas­sengers must move away from the bus.  The school bus will not move until the passenger can be observed by the driver.  If a passenger must cross the street to reach the residence, the passenger will advise the driver.


   9.       Elementary school students waiting at the high school until school dismissal must remain in the bus.


10.       If a student is denied transportation for any reason, the parent(s) will be notified as soon as possible.  The bus driver shall not put a child off the bus other than at the student's regular stop without written parental permission.