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The Tannehill Board of Education recognizes that from time to time an organization or class within the school system has a need to raise funds to finance certain projects.


Any organization wishing to raise funds should adhere to the following procedure:


   1.       Submit an estimate for the cost of the project to the superintendent.


   2.       Submit a list of sources for the fund raising to the superintendent.


   3.       Obtain approval for the project from the board of education.


   4.       All funds that are raised should go into the activity fund, except funds raised by a group or organization sanc­tioned by the board that should remain the property of that group or organization.  Only the superintendent or the superintendent's designee can approve expenditures out of the activity fund.


   5.       Door-to-door solicitation will not be conducted during school hours.


   6.       All funds must be returned to the school sponsor and deposited in the appropriate activity account on a daily basis.




Student groups or organizations and parent-teacher associations affiliated with this school district meeting the qualifi­cation requirements of state law are permitted to conduct raffles for the benefit of school-related initiatives within this district subject to the approval process, above.  Raffles permit such qualified organizations to raise funds by issuing numbered tickets in conjunction with voluntary contributions to the organization.  The board of education shall give approval of the items for raffle prior to approving a raffle as a fund-raiser.


Nonschool Fundraisers


Students, staff, and patrons are prohibited from conducting fundraisers for nonschool activities on school premises. 





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