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The school district has designated a representative to coordinate requests for information from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations when the release of such information has been authorized by a parent, legal guardian of the student, or by court order.  Information regarding past and present students in the district may be released to law enforcement officers subject to court order or by parental consent.


Such information includes but is not limited to:


   1.       Student’s name, address, telephone listing, and date and place of birth;


   2.       Parent or lawful custodian's name, address, and telephone listing;


   3.       Major field of study and grade level classification (example: elementary, 7th grade, sophomore);


   4.       Student’s participation in officially recognized activities and sports;


   5.       Weight and height of members of athletic teams;


   6.       Dates of attendance, dates of enrollment, withdrawal, re-entry;


   7.       Diplomas, certificates, awards, and honors received;


   8.       Most recent previous educational agency or institution attended by the student;





REFERENCE:    70 O.S. §10-103.2

                                34 CFR 99.1

                                20 USC 1232