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   1.       All students who are members of school activity groups, including 4-H are limited to ten absences per year per class period.  Any deviation from the ten days absence rule shall not exceed five days. 


   2.       It is the responsibility of the student to plan and be responsible for these absences.  The student should check with sponsors at the beginning of the school year to aid in selection of events that the student may wish to attend.


   3.       The principal will keep or cause to be kept a record of those days or class periods missed due to school activi­ties.  These records will be open for inspection by the student, parent or guardian of the student, sponsors, and other teachers daily to aid the student in planning absences throughout the year.


   4.       Any absence over the maximum of ten without the written permission of the Internal Activities Review Committee shall be counted as an unexcused absence in accordance with local board policy.


Sponsor/Teacher Responsibilities


   1.       It is the responsibility of the sponsor/teacher to prepare a list of activities that the student may attend during the school year and advise students of this list.  These activities should be prepared and given to the principal at the beginning (or as soon as possible) of the school year.


   2.       The sponsor/teacher should help the student select only those activities that will be of benefit to the student and/or the school.


   3.       Sponsor/teacher should check activity absentee list regularly in order to help students plan for future absences.


   4.       Sponsor/teacher should strive not to be absent from any class period more than ten times due to attendance at activities.


Criteria for Earning the Right to Represent the School in Activities or Contests Beyond Ten Days


   1.       Athletics - Guidelines as set forth by Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association for participation beyond district competition.


   2.       Fine Arts (Vocal, Instrumental, Speech, Drama & Debate) Guidelines as set forth by Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association for participation beyond district competition.


   3.       Vocational and 4-H:


             A.   Stock Shows - In qualifying to attend state and national shows, the student must meet the following criteria:


                    1.     Own animal to be shown no less than 60 days prior to competition.






                    2.     Must show in local or county show to qualify for district.


                    3.     Must rank in top seven in a class at district to qualify for state show (Oklahoma City/Tulsa).


                    4.     Student and/or animal must rank in top ten in class at state to qualify for a national show.


                    Absences due to attendance at state or national stock shows that do not meet the above criteria are chargeable to the ten activity absences.


             B.   Speech Contests:


                    1.     Contestant must have participated in a chapter contest and placed in the top two in the specific speech area.


                    2.     Participant must place in the top two in the professional improvement speech contest before being eligible to go to district contest and top two in order to qualify for state.


                    3.     To qualify for state speech contests during state fairs, a student must have placed in the top two in a speech contest of a county level or better the previous year.  If a first year student wishes to partici­pate in a state fair contest, the student must challenge other members of local chapters and it will be the responsibility of the local chapter advisor to set up a chapter run-off with qualified judges determining who shall represent the local chapter in state fair contests.


             C.   Judging Contests:


                    1.     Students must participate in at least five chapter judging workouts before contest and be selected as member of team.


                    2.     Student must have participated in a minimum of two contests that did not require school time before participation in a contest that requires school time (summer field-days, Saturday contest, etc.).


                    3.     Team winning state contest will represent Oklahoma in national contest.


             D.   State and National Conventions and Conferences:


                    Students eligible to attend shall be officers or elected delegates as specified by chapter regulations.