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                                         SEARCH OF STUDENTS




In accordance with the policy of the board of education, searches of students shall be conducted under the following circumstances:


The superintendent, principal, teacher, or security personnel of this school (authorized personnel) may detain and search any student or students on the premises of the public schools, or while attending, or while in transit to, any event or function sponsored or authorized by the school only under the following conditions:


   1.       When any authorized person has reasonable suspicion that the student may have on the student's person or property alcohol, dangerous weapons, unauthorized electronic paging devices, controlled dangerous substances as defined by law, stolen property if the property in question is reasonably suspected to have been taken from a student, a school employee, or the school during school activities, or any other items which have been or may reasonably be disruptive of school operations or in violation of student discipline rules.


   2.       School lockers and school desks are the property of the school, not the student.  Students have no expectation of privacy concerning lockers, desks, or other school property.  The users of lockers, desks, and other storage areas or compartments have no reasonable expec­tation of privacy from school employees as to the contents of those areas.  Lockers, desks, and other storage areas or com­partments may be subjected to searches at any time with or without reasonable suspicion.  Students are not to use any school area or property to contain any item that should not be at school.  Students shall not exchange lockers or desks or use any lockers or desks other than those assigned to them by the principal.


   3.       Authorized personnel may search a student, within the limits of state and federal law (or this policy), whenever the student consents to such a search.  However, consent obtained through threats or coercion is not considered to be freely and voluntarily given.


   4.       Authorized personnel conducting a search shall have authority to detain the student or students and to preserve any contraband seized.


   5.       Any searches of students as outlined herein will be conducted by an authorized person who is the same sex as the person being searched and shall be witnessed by at least one other authorized person who is of the same sex as the person being searched.


   6.       Strip searches are forbidden.  No clothing except cold weather outer garments will be removed before or during a search.


   7.       Items that may be seized during a lawful search - in addition to those mentioned in paragraph 1 above - shall include, but not be limited to, any item, object, instrument, or material commonly recognized as unlawful or prohibited.  For example:  prescription or nonprescription medicines, switchblade knives, brass knuckles, billy clubs, and porno­graphic literature are commonly recognizable as unlawful or prohibited items.  Such items, or any other items which may pose a threat to a student, the student body, or other school personnel, shall be seized, identified as to ownership if possible, and held for release to proper authority.







   8.       Any student found to be in possession of dangerous weapons, controlled dangerous substances, or other unlaw­ful or pro­hibited items may be suspended by the superintendent for a period not to exceed the current school semester and the succeeding semester.  Such suspension may be in addition to any civil or criminal liability.





REFERENCE:    70 O.S. §24-102

                                70 O.S. §24-101.3