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It is the policy of the Board of Education that the superintendent or designee may suspend a student for:


·      Violations of policy or regulations

·      Possession of an intoxicating beverage, low-point beer (See policy FNCE)

·      Possession of missing or stolen property if the property is reasonably suspected to have been taken from a student, a school employee, or the school during school activities

·      Possession of a dangerous weapon or a controlled dangerous substance (Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act) (See policies FNCE and FNCGA)

·      Possession of a firearm shall result in out-of-school suspension of not less than one year (See policy FNCGA)

·      Any act which disrupts the academic atmosphere of the school, endangers or threatens fellow students, teachers, or officials or damages property

·      Students in grades six through twelve found to have assaulted, attempted to cause physical bodily injury, or acted in a manner that could reasonably cause bodily injury to a school employee or person volunteering for a school shall be suspended for the remainder of the current semester and the next consecutive semester.  The term of the suspension may be modified by the school district superintendent on a case-by-case basis.


Before a student is suspended out-of-school, the principal shall consider and apply, if appropriate, alternative in-school placement options that are not to be considered suspension, such as placement in an alternative school set­ting, reas­signment to another classroom, or in-school detention.  A student suspended out-of-school shall be placed in a super­vised, structured environment in either a home-based school work assignment setting or another appropriate setting in accordance with a plan pre­scribed by the school administra­tion that provides education in accordance with the sup­porting regulations.  Parents or guardians will be provided a copy of the education plan and will bear the responsibility of monitoring the student’s educational progress until the student is readmitted to school.  Students suspended from school shall be ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities.  Additionally, any student serving suspension dur­ing the time of graduation activities shall not be allowed to participate in or attend ceremonies or programs honoring graduates.


No school board member, administrator, or teacher may be held civilly liable for any action, taken in good faith, which is authorized by law under the provisions of this policy.


The superintendent is directed to establish regulations, subject to board approval, which support this policy.  Such regulations shall include provisions for appeal of suspension to a suspension appeals committee and/or the board of education.  The superintendent may delegate authority for suspensions of students to building principals.


NOTE:                  70 O.S. §24-104.1 and FERPA provides that a school district in which a student seeks to enroll may request student discipline records, and a school district must provide student discipline records upon request by another school district.


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